hello again!

Hi everyone.

It has been a while, but I plan to post more often from my new kitchen.

I have been working on a few recipes and by request have started putting together a few classes to teach some classics.

I will be starting with lessons on how to make spanakopita mum’s way. I used to think that many of these old greek recipes varied from island to island—well they do, but even more so from Villiage to Villiage, and house to house, mother to daughter/son.

Tradition runs deep in many of these recipes, but we all change things. My father didn’t like dill, so our spanakopita just doesn’t have it. It’s nice with it, but just seems wrong.

So many people have asked me how I make my sourdough, can I make it at home too, can I have some starter. I am planning a Sourdough day class 6–8 hours. I will walk you through all the stages, from creating the starter to the best way to bake it at home. There will be plenty of here’s one I prepared earlier as the process usually takes around 18 to 36 hours. But you will take home some starter, a cooked loaf, and a loaf for you to proof overnight and bake the next day.

So I will keep you informed.

Have a baking good day.

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